My goal in starting this blog is to give travelers, ex-pats, or anyone interested a better idea about the city of Rome. It is easy to get caught up in the readily-available pizza, vino, and gelato or to only picture famous monuments when you think of Rome. However, this city is labelled eternal for a reason and with its rich culture, welcoming people, and gorgeous scenery, I truly believe it is the most beautiful place in the world.

So I invite you to follow this space for recommendations of the unbelievable food I eat, glimpses into the beauty that is daily life here, hidden treasures of the city and for the madness that Romans describe as, la dolce vita.

About Me

As most study abroad students do, I fell in love with life in Rome when I studied here for a semester in college. Unlike my fellow classmates, I also fell in love with a Roman and couldn't manage to leave this beautiful city behind.

I travelled back and forth from Boston and Philadelphia to Rome for a couple of years and made the leap in 2015 when I decided to move here for good.

In Rome, I work as a part-time social media freelancer, part-time English teacher and full time taste-tester. You can usually find me struggling with the city's public transportation, reading on my gorgeous terrace, eating my second gelato of the day, confusing Italians everywhere with my broken Italian, or confidently declaring approx. 25 various pizzas the BEST in Rome.